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So far, I have ordered and received all of the required materials I need to make my iPad smart mirror. I have the iPad, the two way mirror, the wood, and the wood glue that I will need. For the next week, I will be cutting and possibly engraving my wood frame for the smart mirror. I have been on track with the plan I made a couple weeks ago, so I think I am in a good spot to finish. I know I have to do all of my woodworking in a short amount of time, but I should be able to manage. The most annoying part so far has been waiting for this custom ordered two way mirror to be delivered, but now that it finally has, I can finally get to work. I am most worried about finding time in the wood shop, especially with senior design winding down, but I think all of my wood working should not take longer than a day or two to finish. I am still very excited to see how this final project turns out!

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  • Good for you to have everything on track! Good luck on the woodworking next week! I’d be very cautious when handling the mirror once you get it since it seems like it takes a long time to order and ship again should you break it. Can’t wait to see the final product!


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