Main Project Final Stretch: Snow-globe Terrarium

I am currently two weekends away before I want project to be finished. I am currently on schedule and have completed all of the steps I wanted to by this point. I have bought all of the supplies (clay, large glass bowl, plants, miniature house, fairy lights, wood stain, and moss). I have also sculpted the base of the terrarium, the part with all of the soil. This was by far the most time consuming part of the project. The only parts that I have left is to coat the exterior of the pot with wood stain and moss to give it an aged appearance, and to plant the plants. I am very excited to have the finished terrarium!

Materials for the terrarium. Shown is the clay, glass bowl for the top, and the pot the base is shaped off of.
Materials for the terrarium. Plants to be planted into the base, and the miniature house.
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