Summing Up 2019

This semester I created two artifacts. The first artifact I created was an up-cycled lamp. For this artifact I focused on the appearance and how to make common trash into a beautiful object someone would want to keep inside their home. I achieved this with a very floral aesthetic. The second object I created was a snow globe terrarium. For this artifact I focused on function and aesthetic. The function that was emphasized was the ability to house plants. The aesthetic that was emphasized was a fairy tale aesthetic with influences from the arts and crafts movement. All of the posts pertaining to these projects are linked below including posts where I explored varying aesthetics.

Aesthetic Exploration: Chiaroscuro

Upcycle Progress: Cardboard Lamp

Upcycle Inspiration: Spiral Staircase

Upcycle Project: Flower/Spiral Lamp

Skill Set and Aspirations

Main Project Inspirations

Top 5 Constraints

Current Vs. 20th Century Design

Design Review Report: Terrarium

Construction Timeline: Terrarium


Main Project Final Stretch: Snow-globe Terrarium

Main Project Report Part 1: Terrarium Snow Globe

Main Project Part 2: Snow Globe Terrarium


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Summing Up 2019

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