Main Project Final Report Part 2 – Bauhaus Shelf

My original project idea was to create a shelf that will hang on my wall that will also have a terrarium incorporated into it. This shelf would be more space for decorations, books, candles, etc all while a space to hold plants. I did make that in the end, but there were a few tweaks during the process of actually making it that changed the overall design. My original design was based off of a bauhaus poster design that had a circle with multiple lines running through it.

Wood working is not my best skill so when I tried to create the circular shape for the design, I was stuck. I realized that it would be easier, still fit the aesthetic and work better if instead of a circular shape, I made a square shape. Also, I wanted the large white line in the back of the design to be part of the shelf, but I found that it worked just fine without it- the extra part would have only caused more issues. I would have liked to incorporate a variety of weights between each piece of wood to give it more of a “bauhaus” feel because right now, all of the thicknesses of each part of the shelf are the same. Either way, I am happy that my design vision turned into reality.

My aesthetic was the bauhaus aesthetic. I believe that I nailed the aesthetic with colors and shapes. The red, black and yellow colors I used really made the aesthetic come to life. Where I could have improved on, though, is the weight of each part of the shelf. In the design above, each line has a different weight, and that is a huge part of bauhaus design. In my final piece, there are no varying weights between lines.

From this project and class combined, I learned just how intricate details make an aesthetic come to life. When you look at an art deco coffee table for example, you see the shapes, lines and metallic color come together as a whole. But each line in the entire design is just one piece that makes up the art deco aesthetic. For the future of this project, I plan on keeping it as long as the plants stay alive and I have a place for it.

Video Presentation:

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