20th Century Movements

My main project brainstorming process started out with the 20th century movements. I needed inspiration choosing an aesthetic. My first constraint was choosing a time period I liked, and from there I could narrow everything down to my desired look. I chose the early 90’s because I was intrigued by the different styles and variety that happened and I felt like it interested me. I chose Abstract Expressionism, which can be shown below:

This style immediately reminded me of the 70s/80s when they were relying on neon colors for attire, especially in discos. After further brainstorming, I wanted to create a neon dream catcher. I felt like I wanted to play around with the colors of the components of it. I came across these images and got really inspired:

I am hoping my final product reflects this intent as much as it can. As for now, I will use this as inspiration to create it.





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