Exploring Aesthetics: Space

In my first exploration, I will be diving into the aesthetics of space.  Many natural occurrences in space that create aesthetics that are appealing to look at.  One of these occurrences are supernovas.  Supernovas are the explosion of a star, magnitudes larger than any other explosion that occurs in outer space.  These defiant explosions occur at the end of a star’s lifetime or when a white dwarf acquires too much matter and explodes.  Though these explosions rupture hundreds of thousands of miles through space, what comes after is quite spectacular.  Supernovas create beautiful arrays of colors that span far across space, engulfing other stars in their clouds.

The next occurrence that shows appealing aesthetic from space are nebulas. Nebulas are comprised of various gasses and dust particles that are so vast, they span across stars and are formed at the beginning or after the end of a stars lifetime.  These vast clouds of dust and gas are commonly called nurseries because they are the region where stars start to form. The array of colors and how they compliment each other is what really makes it wonderful to look at for me.

The final occurrence in space that brings appealing aesthetic are galaxies.  Galaxies are gravity oriented areas that contain a mixture of stars, planets and moons. Our galaxy is called the milky way but there are a plethora of other galaxies in our universe.  These galaxies also bring a sense of wonder, if our galaxy contains intelligent life, what about other galaxies?


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