Upcycle Progress: The Everything Drawer

At this point, I have sketched up my idea for my upcycle project and have collected the necessary items from my everything drawer to make my idea come into being.  What I will be making with these items is a laser maze.  Essentially it will be an organization of mirrors on a board, which the user pivots to get the laser from point A to point B.

The components I found that I will use to make this are clothespins, pipe cleaners, handheld mirror and laser pointer.  The pipe cleaners will be grounded to the board and will each be attached to a clothespin.  One clothespin will hold the laser pointer and the other clothespins will hold a mirror which can be rotated by moving the pipe cleaners. The aesthetic that I am implementing through this upcycle project is the aesthetic of experience.  Being able to guide a laser by using reflection compliments this aesthetic that the user encounters while being immersed in a game.  All the components will be secured together using hot glue and the board will be a recycle sheet of cardboard.

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  • Patrick McGinnis
    March 6, 2022 3:20 pm

    Would like to discuss your experience with deep casting epoxy resins.

  • I think its fascinating how you created an interactive piece for this project that is both aesthetic and functionally a game! I also love how you drew a sketch of how you wanted to orient all the pieces on your board, I am excited to see and interact with the finished product! Good luck!

  • Hi Paul! It’s an interesting challenge you’re giving yourself. I’m not sure how you’ll achieve the laser pointing/bouncing from the mirrors at the right angles but I’m excited for the end result. How do you plan on attaching the pieces to the board? Is it cardboard? or something stronger?

    • Thank you Nicole! I tried using cardboard at first but it would crease easily which made me nervous. I ended up using recycled cardstock from Engineering Plus! I plan to attach the mirrors to pipe cleaners which will be able to rotate through manipulation.


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