Upcycle Inspiration: The Everything Drawer

When I was younger, and highly untidy, my parents would tell me “A place for everything, and everything in its place” to help teach me organization.  As I grew older, I realized that there was a loophole to this saying. This loophole was the everything drawer. This was a designated drawer in the house where items without a designated home would go.  Things that you didn’t know whether to throw away or let it sit and see if it finds some use.  In my apartment in college, my roommates and I have an everything drawer as well, except it is more of an everything bucket. My Upcycle inspiration will be to build a creation with everything drawer (bucket) items.

After sifting through the everything bucket, I realize most of these items are arts and craft type materials such as; pipe cleaners, magnets, clothespins, pushpins etc.  Two things that I found that could interact with each other are a laser pointer and a hand held mirror.  I have a mirror cutting tool as well if I cut up a set of small mirrors I could make some sort of reflection art.  Two empty cardboard boxes and a shoe box are at my disposal as of now for they will be recycled if not.

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