Main Project Inspiration: Desk Sculpture/Toy

The project I intend to make will take on desk toys that are mesmerizing and satisfying. The most common desk toy are usually physic demonstrations like the Newton’s cradle [1].

Another memorable desk toy would be from the Marvel Movie Iron Man  strawberries scene. In the scene the swinging stick kinetic sculpture is highlighted by the character Tony Stark. Here is a video to a swinging stick kinetic sculpture, similar to the one seen in Iron Man 2. [2]

Lastly, one of most visually pleasing and mesmerizing desk toy is the pendulum wave toy. [3]

I plan to make a small, mesmerizing, and satisfying desk toy using the same concept as double-cone rollercoaster from the Upcycle project I did. I plan to make a platform that will tilt back and forth so the “rollercoaster” will always roll. There’ll be a lot of planning to be had so that the toy or sculpture will be visually and mentally stimulating.

Here is a link to the Upcycle project:


[1] – Holly F

[2] – Wayne Schmidt

[3] – Grand Illusions

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  • Hey Justin, I like the idea of your project so far. I think the idea of cool looking desk toys are fascinating. Do you have any ideas on how you’re going to make the platform tilt back and fourth constantly? I think that’ll be the most difficult aspect of your project. That aside, I’m excited to see what you come up with!


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