Main project aesthetics – plans and alternatives

Chosen Option – neon sign rubber

I have chosen this because I feel it is the most aesthetically pleasing to me. I am going for a modern and minimalist concept. I want to use white thin rubber tubing to wrap around the string lighting shown below. The idea is the lights will make the tube glow and overall create the sign. The minimalism and modern aesthetic will rely heavily on how I attach the sign to the wall. I cannot have a bunch of bars or other fasteners showing or it will make the item ugly.

Other Option 1 – neon sign with tube lights

This aesthetic involves straight lines and using those to create a feeling and image within the lights. Overall it takes up a lot more space and would be a challenge with finding lights that arent too expensive.

Other option 2 – Rustic neon sign

To create this design I would use old wood and

most likely some sort of wood burner to engrave the words and then surround the sign in neon. Not the aesthetic I am looking for directly but also one I do enjoy a lot.

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  • Hey Chris, I like your aesthetic idea. Are the lights you’re planning on using going to light up only a single color? I think it would be nice if you could find rbg rubber lighting that way you could also change the ‘mood’ of your project. It would still keep its minimalistic and modern aesthetic but with more variety of colors and moods.

  • Chris –

    To provide some feedback to your aesthetic as you seem to be hit quite hard from the recent events, I wanted to comment to provide some input as you start your readjustments. I like your initial aesthetic and believe this will be a very doable project still. Would you consider making a symbol as opposed to a word that is lighted up, instead? I would imagine it could be a simple symbol like a martini glass or another symbol that relates to you – maybe you snowboard a lot and you could do a snowboard. A symbol or picture speaks a thousand words!



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