Top 5 Constraints – Neon Sign

Here are the top constraints for my project –

  1. Cost – This factor will depend on the rubber tubing that I use and the amount of lighting I need. I will have to solder and connect components together, but the size of the sign can become expensive fast. Also, the rubber tubing needs to be fairly thin and versatile so I cannot really cheap out on it. Lastly, the fasteners to keep the sign together will change the cost immensely.
  2. Manufacturing – The availability of resources and the amount of them I can use will play a large part. I will be needing wiring assistance and electronic help so that is a large factor into putting the lighting in place. Also, to create the mount for everything I will need to be as minimal as possible and I cannot weld so that may be a challenge.
  3. Time – this system will take a large amount of time to place together. There is simply no fast way to strip, solder, and connect electrical circuits. Also, I will need time to set aside ways to clamp the sign together and then work on it while it is in place and doesn’t move.
  4. Weight – The sign must overall be light and easy to place on a wall. It cannot be too heavy or bulky and ruin the point of it.
  5. Wiring/Aesthetic – Overall the sign must be simple and clean looking, to make the aesthetic modern and simplistic I do not want wires all over or hanging from the piece. Overall I want a single, hard to depict wire coming from the sign.
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  • Christopher, could you use a basic fastener like a screw and bolt? Or even hot glue might be able to get the job done. It may not look as pretty but it could produce the same function without the same cost!


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