Design Review: How: Two Lamps and a Clock

Original Plans

Here is my original timeline before any campus closures. It has obviously been completely upturned, but it shows how I would complete my project sans-covid.


Unfortunately, like most in this class, the construction of my project relied on tools and materials I no longer have access to. I was looking forward to making my lamps with a lathe, and lasercutting my clock, but that is impossible for me now. I tried to get my clock lasercut before campus closed, but then ATLAS and the ITLL closed before I had a chance. I’ve asked around, and no friends or family have a woodshop, so I will be unable to fabricate the vast majority of my project.


While I was looking forward to fabricating my project and gaining new skills along the way, as I stated, that seems impossible. However, given that the focus of this class is aesthetics, and not fabrication, I believe that a realistic rendering of my project will adequately display my design and adherence to the modernist aesthetic. This works well for my project specifically, as my project, two lamps and a clock, was meant to be décor for a bedroom, so rendering them all together in one  virtual room will highlight their complimentary nature. Time permitting(no promises) I would like to make even more furniture/décor to go into my virtual room, continuing to follow the modernist aesthetic. Below are example of rendered rooms.


My(clearly outdated) presentation

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