Neon Sign – Design Review Part 2

To complete the neon sign I have already ordered the lighting and rubber tubing, they are coming on amazon prime so should arrive no later than 3/20. As for the electronic wiring and connection I am currently unsure of how/where I will be able to complete that aspect of the project but I am looking into getting my own soldering kit. I am looking into using a single light potentially to make the electronic aspect more simple.

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  • Noah Verspohl
    March 30, 2020 10:40 am

    I’m sorry for the late comment on your design review presentation, I took notes on my phone but have not been able to post them here until now because of the current circumstances.
    Statement of meaning:
    I like how you plan to use tube lights. They look very similar to neon lights and will have a nice aesthetic.
    I also like the back-lit sigh as a backup plan. Have you thought about combining the two?
    Artist as a questioner:
    You could write “Rio margs” on your sign

  • Justin Engbrecht
    March 18, 2020 11:35 am

    As a neutral question, do you intend to use different colors for different letters within the word or or parts within the symbol you intend to form with the light tubing?

  • miles radakovitz
    March 18, 2020 11:26 am

    I really like the fact that you are using this type of tubing! initally when I saw this post I was figuring that you’d be using the led strips, but the tubing will give it more of a feeling of actual neon!

    I think breaking off from words to simple designs will all you to convey a larger message with less work


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