Design Review Part 2 // Main Project

Photograph by Anushe Low, styling by Rock My Wedding


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For my hexagonal wedding arch, I intend to spend the next few weeks (including Spring Break) solidifying my design and ordering materials. I need to decide whether I am making a single hexagon with a stand or a double hexagon that stands on its own. My materials include:

  • 30 feet of copper piping (preferably, 3′ (x12) threaded pipes)
  • 60 degree pipe fittings for hexagonal shape
  • Tee pipe fittings for double hexagon
  • Arduino board + dimmers
  • Edison bulbs
  • Flowers

I expect this to cost around ~$100 because copper pipe is very expensive.

I intend to do a custom floral arrangement so I will need to individually select the silk flowers that best fit my aesthetic.

After ordering and receiving my materials, I will begin construction. The initial stage of construction is strictly for the structure and making sure that it is the dimensions that I desire and it fits together as intended. With the prospect of not having access to a machine shop, I will do my best to find parts that do not need to be altered in order to fit together (i.e. pre-cut copper pipes).

The second stage of construction includes the fabrication of the decor, including the flowers and light fixtures. This will give me enough time to troubleshoot any issues with electronics and iterate on the structure if necessary.

Finally, the remaining time will be spent documenting and solving any issues that may arise along the way.

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