Design Review Part 2 “Logistics and Timeline”: Functional Wall Art


These past couple of weeks and the development of COVID-19 within our nation and local communities has definitely impacted the timeline and logistics of my final project overall. It has completely cut all students off from utilizing primary campus resources vital to project fabrication and development. So, I have decided to take a different approach to my project compared to what my presentation (linked) below states.

Since my presentation, I’ve decided to fabricate my final project via a handheld Jigsaw. The overall dimensions and look of the cutout will be similar to the image depicted above. The shaded portions will be cutout from the wood as well and or burned into the wood, depending on which I like the most as the time comes. I plan to Jigsaw this at my dad’s garage and complete fabrication there as well. The following is my timeline for completion of the project moving forward:


  • Purchase wood from local Lowe’s/ Home Depot (03/23)
  • Draw outline, as shown in the image above, to the rough dimensions outlined as well (03/24)
  • Jigsaw out the rough shape (03/24,25)
  • Sand down rough edges and overall wood outline until satisfied with outcome (03/24,25)
  • Fabricate back supports for wall mounting (03/24,25)
  • Stain final product if needed to improve aesthetic and overall look (03/26,27)
  • Order LED Light Strips with Bluetooth capabilities (03/26)
  • Attach LED Light Strips to the backside of the cutout (~03/30)

As you can tell from the timeline, I plan to complete most, if not all, of the project throughout Spring Break. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, all major spring break plans regarding travel have kind of been put on hold and cancelled due the wide spread quarantine suggestions from the government and local authorities. So, I’ve decided to stay busy, why not complete my project with all this free time?

I suspect the jigsaw portion will be the most complicated portion of this entire project, and will take a considerable amount of time in order to get it right the first time through. However, I am excited to get started and finish it!



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  • Hey Austin,

    The sketch helps a lot on how you will proceed with fabrication. It’s interesting that you will be working in your dad’s garage and it will be fun for sure. Have you considered how accurate will it be dimensionally since you are using a handheld jigsaw? Spring break is a good time to capitalize on, and wishing you all the luck with the process. Can’t wait to see the end product.

  • Justin Engbrecht
    March 19, 2020 11:47 am

    Hello Austin. Excellent dimensional sketch to proceed from! Way to seize the moment and be flexible enough to seamlessly transition to a handheld jigsaw fabrication method as well! If you’re able to remain on track, will you add another layer of wood after Spring Break, either a smaller one in front of the dimensional sketch panel or a larger one behind the dimensional sketch panel? The featured images in your constraints and inspiration posts show a wall mount with two layers of decorative wooden panels.

    Best of luck moving forward with this over Spring Break! Can’t wait to see the final product!

    – Justin Engbrecht


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