Design Review 2020 Part 2: Timeline and Logistics

For part two of my detailed design review, I included a timeline broken up into weeks with milestones highlighted. Below is a screenshot of part of my detailed timeline.  Since woodworking is a new skill for me, I incorporated checking in with professionals every step of the way. My school has two wood shops, and I’ve met with staff members from both.  My schedule includes showing them my drawings to get feedback, as well as checking in with them periodically regarding my materials, the actual stages of building, and finishes. During the upcycle project, I learned that no matter how well you plan, you will encounter road blocks you couldn’t prepare for. Taking lessons learned, I added an entire “hail Mary” contingency week to my schedule.  


Below is a detailed chart of what materials I plan on using as well as where I plan on getting them from.  Standard tools like screwdrivers are readily available at both school machine shops. 

One of my issues is that I’m not sure about what materials will be needed to make my table sturdy enough in reality to be able to use it.  Even with utilizing levelers, making even legs to hold weight is a tricky part of home-made furniture. I need to buy enough wood to be able to make additional stringers or other forms of bracing.

Most of my materials I can get locally, and the rest I can get online.  If i want to make this a one-stop trip, I can get everything I want from Home Depot (or an equivalent hardware store).

While pine wood is relatively expensive, I prefer to use real wood over veneer.  I think real wood looks and feels classier and sturdier than veneer.  


Pine wood ¾” Home depot price
screws 1 ½”  Home depot
Hinges 2 Alibaba Spring pop-up
Glue ITLL mortise and tenon
Levelers 1 pack (4-8) Amazon Based on tripod or 4 legs
Sand paper Idea Forge & ITLL
All machines Idea Forge & ITLL


Update: With Alibaba being based in China, and the current backlog of international orders, classmate suggested I change this to Home Depot.  Home Depot has them in stock, and they are (basically) just as cheap as from Alibaba.

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  • Benjamin Robles
    April 3, 2020 12:08 pm

    Hey Hannah,

    This is my “In-depth” critique comment.

    Yeah I hope you are doing well with the quarantine crisis. It appears that you are moving along and will be able to finish your project, that is awesome!

    Statement of meaning: Your choice of real wood over veneer is a great choice. I have made things with MDF and veneer and also with birch or some other wood, and the pieces made with real wood feel better quality and will probably last longer.

    Neutral question: Where are these two wood shops at school you are using? You mean at CU? Are they still operating and you are able to get access fairly easy? Or are these shops off campus?

    Opinion: Maybe using a table saw would give you more accurate legs for your table so your table doesn’t wobble.

    Best of luck with your project! Also, I have a number of wood working tools in my garage, in case you don’t have access and need work trade. Let me know.

    Ben Robles

  • Benjamin Chang
    April 2, 2020 6:50 pm

    Hey Hannah,

    Long time no see, I hope you are doing well and that despite all the muttered chaos life can continue. Overall I just wanted to pop in and see what you’ve been up too. I like how you picked a project in a skill that is new for you, and what better project to learn wood than a table. Regarding a critique, here is what I think 🙂

    Statement of meaning: I think between the two posts I am a little lost on the actual design of the table however, I appreciate your willingness to learn between your school resources on how to work in this medium. I don’t know much about making table but I hope you learn something cool in the process!

    Neutral Question: What ultimately do you want to do with this table and what things have you considered putting on it or in it?

    Permission Opinion: Given that I am that weird kid who sat next to you guys this whole semester my only opinion would be adding some personal pazaz! I think I would be really great to make a table, but with it, there should some part of it that is distinctly you, maybe painting it?

    Overall: Hannah I hope this project is going for you, and I hope the wood working has been fun, I miss fixing the glasses haha. If you need any help during the remaining semester let me know!


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