Aesthetic Roots

When it comes to my aesthetic roots, it comes from a rich background of life curiosity. When thinking about what im drawn to aesthetically, the first thing that comes to mind is my photography. For me, this medium has been my way of understanding the world around me as well as connect to it. Through photography I am granted the gift of being able to blend into the background and become something new, always waiting for new moments to come and go. For me, the visual world is often overlooked no pun intended. It’s filled to the absolute brim with interesting things, every nook something to discover.


Turning this towards how I apply photography to aesthetic direction, I rely heavily on the emotional and physical connect I share when encounter new things. For me it is quite difficult to point out and say I like “this” aesthetic, it just isn’t me. I prefer to look at the world as an ever changing aesthetic, some things are changing every second, or things can be old fashion. For example, I can appreciate a look and feel of a new Ferrari, yet can still cherish and value the same qualities of an old one. For me, culture is the epicenter of interest, I wish to morph with the changing world, not trying to restrict my attention towards one thing.


This ideal also carries through my interest in Design, I am graphic designer as well and have always loved great posters. I carry the same values I have in photography and apply it to graphic design, to me its an abstracted version of the realities I am yet to experience. One thing I often side obsess over is typography. Since writing has existed, typography has existed, and with it the expressions and culture that develops with time. For me, typography is a hidden world that invites people everyday to explore more, they may just not be aware of it. Typography can even be broken down to an aesthetic form, certain typefaces or fonts can often perceive things differently, ergo changing the way we as a viewer receive it. In combination with graphic design, and even photography, the work presented can be extremely influential.


In summary, I have always appreciated the documentation of the world and everything in it. Below I’ve provided some other “tastes” or aesthectics of photographers and designers I like.


My Own Photo Work and Graphic Design


Photographer Inspirations

Annie Liebovitz:

She is probably the most iconic and influential woman photographer of the modern time. In her work, she time and time again finds signature character in a myriad of settings. Her work from an aesthetic point is that of dutch painting, and soft dramatic lighting. This is her distinct look, and its something I’ve worked in emulating in some of my own work.

Annie Liebovitz

Andy Anderson:

Andy is a photographer I recently came across and had the fortunate opportunity to contact. His work is made primary of commercial photographer, but framed in unique and tasteful narratives. His work has always be known for fantastic color and interesting color grades. Andy’s interest in color correction has moved me to play with my own work and follow similar visual aesthetics.

Andy Anderson


Graphic Designer

Paula Scher: Paula is another elite graphic designer in the head of NYC. She has worked on creating a number of  brand identities that are world renowned. Her work is characteristic as vibrant, intelligent, and engaging. I have always had fondness for her appreciation for the graphic arts and the thought that goes behind every work. One series I love is her hand painted maps. She has made a whole collection of large wall size maps that depict information about a certain place. To me this is a genius way to incorporate the mundane and giving highlights to things that wouldn’t normally be viewed as “artistic”. In sum, her work inspires me to retain an interest in passion in what you do.

Paula Scher



Annie Liebovitz

Andy Anderson

Paula Scher


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  • Brooke Shade
    May 3, 2020 5:09 pm

    Hey Ben!

    I love what you said about relying heavily on the emotional and physical connection you share with your content as a photographer. I think that that connection is what drives a lot of aesthetics and their evolution — the way they make you feel.

    Where do you see your journey with photography taking you in the future?

  • Noah Verspohl
    April 13, 2020 11:57 am


    I thought it was very interesting to see how Paula Scher incorporated the physical into her graphics. I had never seen this before but I also enjoy the Aesthetic. I also enjoyed the use of contrast in your photography. The contrast in near vs far, focused vs unfocused, and shading made your work very interesting to look at.


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