Construction Update: Cardboard Grabber

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions and closures cause by the pandemic I will not be able to carry out my design vision as was originally intended. My access to safe cardboard and adhesives has been severely constrained, and the original plan was to use the ITLL laser cutters to shape the aesthetic pieces of the outer layers with precision and engravings. I have made an adaptation, and now am using fire to create burn marks on the outer cardboard in order to achieve close to the same effect.

In terms of piecing the design together into one, functional structure, I had to use super glue because I no longer have access to hot glue guns. The end result of my current state is not at all what I had hoped to achieve, but is the best possible outcome given the situation.

Current status of the project.

Overall I plan to keep searching for more ways to get my project closer to its intended state, and I am open to any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the design.


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  • Hey Zach,

    I can understand the constraints due to the whole pandemic. It has drastically cut down our reach to the resources. But, your innovative approach sounds good. I hope it works out. The only positive to this is to become proficient in completing projects in a tight schedule and low availability of resources. Your current status looks like its on the way and I wish you all the best. If you need anything, you should definitely check up amazon though, that’s what I used oto the resources.


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