Final Project Report 1: Wood Resin Table


My initial inspiration from this project came from a sculpture that I saw in the VAC, it was a concrete sculpture that used some sort of epoxy to replicate a river. It looked very similar to this image which is a similar project that I found online.

I wanted to do something with concrete and resin, but with the COVID 19 effecting my project I turned to other alternatives.  My neighbor here in California owns a lumber mill and had a slab of wood to spare me, so with this I decided to do a wood resin table.  These tables first captured my attention my freshman year, when I saw one of these tables at a college party.  I have also seen time lapse videos of the process on YouTube and Facebook which furthered my interest to make my own.


The aesthetic I wanted to capture with this project was a nature aesthetic.  These tables are often made in two ways. the first way is a classic river table, where the resin is poured down the middle, giving the feel of a river.  The other way, which is much less popular is pouring the resin on the outside of a single piece of wood that has a split or two. This with the proper resin, can create what looks to be an aerial view of a cliffside.  This is the route I chose; I feel as if it captures an aesthetic of nature from a position that is not commonly viewed from, and that is from above.


  1. DMF board 4’x5′
  2. Silicone spray
  3. Wood screws
  4. Wood  slab (given)
  5. Epoxy resin
  6. Color pigment

Total: $214

Design Process

This design process follows the one outlined in the citation video.









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