Aesthetics of Solar Panels

Solar cells have been a topic of interest since the photovoltaic effect was first discovered in 1839 by Edmond Becquerel a French physicist. Nowadays the world witnesses solar power plants and solar farms addressing large energy requirements in many places. One of the recent application of solar panels has found its way to the rooftop of the suburban household.

Having a solar panel covering the roof has become a style statement for some people. To them, it not only shows that they are environmentally friendly but proves that they are smart. If someone is investing in covering their rooftops with a techie decal it is understandable that they would want it to either blend in with the facade or not look weird. This is the reason why the aesthetics of solar panels has become one of the primary selling points for solar panel companies.

The early days of solar panel installation on rooftops were not very exciting which was a reason for bad business in this field(shown below).

As better technology found its way in this field the panels were made thinner and also wireless with colours and patterns different than the generic blue-white pattern(as shown below).

The aesthetics of solar panels has improved due to advancement in manufacturing techniques which was fueled by the demand of better-looking panels on the roof of the “smart” people. Now thanks to advancements in photovoltaic technology the solar panels are not only more efficient but also futuristic looking(as shown below).

Design influenced by demand can lead to continued improvements in this sector as far as aesthetic is concerned. It is quite possible that the aesthetic of solar panels will be the sole reason for business for many of the common folk in the society just wanting a return of investment on a good looking roof.

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The Style Guide to Aesthetically Pleasing Solar Panels

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  • Thank you Peter,
    You are right it is very smart on your wallet and environment both. It doesn’t matter what a person’s motivation is, whether it is saving money or saving the environment, having a solar roof helps in both motives.

  • Hello Ankit, I enjoyed your post. What do you see as the biggest hold back for wide spread instillation on homes? From my understanding the government offers subsidies, and, as you mentioned, the modern panel has an aesthetic that consumers enjoy.

    • Hello Peter, you are right, the government offers solar tax credit that brings down the total cost of solar panels by 25-50 percent.
      I believe that the biggest hurdle for widespread installation would be the lack of knowledge about the enormous benefits of going solar. If the benefits of a solar roof is understood by people at the grass root level then there is no stopping to this next big thing in power generation industry.

  • Ankit, I like the bold approach you took in this article. For example you say “Having a solar panel covering the roof has become a style statement for some people. To them, it not only shows that they are environmentally friendly but proves that they are smart.” I also believe that it is incredibly smart on your wallet! Your house sort of becomes “off the grid” in terms of the electricity usage meaning you save so much money and help the environment! What and interesting topic to look at in terms of an aesthetic.


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