Modern Designer: Tim Cook

Timothy Donald Cook aka Tim Cook is a creative genius whom I follow and admire. He may not be a conventional designer of products but as a visionary in technology and an operation and manufacturing problem solver, a “Designer” tag on him can be justified. As per the biography of Tim cook: The genius who…
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Upcycling Progress

At this point in the upcycling project, I was have disassembled my Casio calculators and taken out the solar panels. In order to test if the panels are in a working condition, I hooked them up on a Breadboard and connected them with standard red LED (1.7 to 2V) and blue LED(3 to 3.3V). Under…
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Solar Panels Upcycle

For my upcycle project I hope to stick to the aesthetic described in my first post and possibly incorporate lighting inspired by Braden’s Futuristic aesthetic. Solar-powered lighting has been around for quite a while now, mostly in the form of street lighting and garden lighting. They are many times incorporated in the decorative aspect of…
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