Upcycled Incense Waterfall Aesthetics

My plan for my upcycle project is to take some glass remnant from bottles or other trash to create a structure that takes inspiration from incense waterfalls. The general aesthetic of incense waterfalls is peaceful and serene especially when considered with the aromatherapy an incense may provide. Smoke tends to dance from pedals and collects in a basin, but there are many different styles. Sometimes these incense waterfalls can hold religious significance with imagery of Buddha. Examples of these incense waterfalls are shown below.

[1] https://www.peaceful-island.com/incense-burners/meditating-buddha-waterfall-incense-burner-handmade-ceramic-sitting-buddha-figurine-fancy-incense-holder-buddha-home-decor

[2] https://www.walmart.com/ip/Pure-Handmade-Ceramic-Waterfall-Backflow-Incense-Burner-Holder-Home-Decor-Aromatherapy-Decoration/924190054

[3] https://aromaticwaterfall.com/products/the-forest-aromatherapy-waterfall-incense-burner-for-gift-home-and-office?gclid=CjwKCAiAsOmABhAwEiwAEBR0ZowLvl_0WAu5ytrmVlPQONyVxQZl53I2Yw1B0BoFnhHmTn5pNwrXyxoC9dkQAvD_BwE


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