High Tech Mask Final Project

Masks are often a common element in the world of sci-fi. Whether it be for outer space, issues of pollution, or to protect against viruses, masks are often added into the genre. With issues such as COVID-19 arising and masks becoming more common, I can see the connection of why they are somewhat synonyms with sci-fi and the future. My previous posts have been related to the futuristic aesthetic, and I would like to continue that exploration here.

For my final project, I am considering making an upgraded, high tech mask. Here are a few inspirations I found while looking into this as a potential project:

Huami Amazfit Aeri MaskLeaf Mask

The best face mask for coronavirus? New Zealand unveils new US$350 double-filtered Atmos mask that looks like a pair of sci-fi goggles – here's how it works | South China Morning PostUrban Survival: 12 Futuristic Fashion Designs for Air Pollution Masks - Best Air Filter Pollution Face Mask for Virus, Wildfire Smoke, Smog, Dust, Mold, Allergies

I really like the idea of incorporating an eye cover. Since I wear glasses, they always fog when I wear a mask so it would be cool to incorporate into the design. Although, adding a prescription element adds quite a lot of complexity.


I think there are some key considerations that I will need to keep in mind:

  1. How do I keep the device from being too over the top. It would be cool if I can actually wear it without looking like a total fool.
  2. I need to keep the scope fairly low. This is something that could end up taking a whole year to design if I’m not careful about going overboard on the features
  3. Should I tailor it to my specific face, or attempt to make it more general so anyone could wear it (even if they have a different face shape/size)




7 unusual face mask designs that do more than filter out COVID-19 (channelnewsasia.com)



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  • Hi Brayden, Great project idea! All of the examples you showed looks super cool, are you planning to base your design on one of these existing designs? You also mentioned that you want to make a “high tech” mask, so I was wondering if the mask will have some sort of built-in technology?

    • Brayden Shelley
      March 8, 2021 12:04 pm

      Ideally, I would like to come up with my own design. There are some aspects that I like in the examples i’ve picked that I may take into consideration though. I guess high tech is maybe not the right word… I mostly mean something a bit more developed than the fabric masks. Although, some sensors or lights or something would be a really cool addition if I can pull that off.

  • Hey Brayden,

    I love this Idea, and ive actually considered designing my own mask in the past. I think you’re right to outline your considerations, they definetly will halp with formulating your design. As far as aesthetics go, I can see your mask falling somewhere in the “minimalism”, “futurism”, “scifi”, or even “steampunk” aesthetics. I think narrowing down what general look you want to give off will help inform your design (I guess that’s function following form, not form following function?).

    • Brayden Shelley
      March 8, 2021 12:06 pm

      I think the form might take the lead over function to an extent. The fabric masks we have already function quite well, its more the form I think that could be improved on. I would really like to keep the minimalistic and futuristic vibes, but I agree, there is a lot of narrowing down that needs to be done. Thanks!


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