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Having just finished the upscale project, I haven’t put much thought into the main project.  Because of this, I have absolutely no idea what I want to do for it.  For this inspiration post, I suppose I will talk about things that I am passionate about and hopefully it will give me some inspiration.  The thing that I am most interested in right now is art involving nature.  I have been really into aqua scaping and growing aquatic plants for a long time.


I currently have 3 tanks set up and breed fish and cherry shrimp in them.  I was thinking that I could maybe incorporate this theme into the construction of my final project.  I haven’t thought about what to do outside of aquariums.  I could potentially build a small scape that incorporates terrestrial and aquatic plants in it.  This way I could achieve the dynamic requirement by including a waterfall or something.  If it was a small scape, I could even use it as a new cherry shrimp breeding enclosure.  Some difficulties that I would have to overcome in this project would be: making sure that the waterfall effect was suitable as the moving part of the requirements, filtering the water of the aquascape, finding a place to put the artifact.  I’m not sure if I’m totally on board with this idea either because I already have several tanks that I need to take care of and might not have time for more.

Another thing that I could be interested in makings is some type of furniture.  I have no idea what type or what it would have that would be a moving part.  I think that a cool table or chair would be fun for the new place I’m moving into after this semester.



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  • Hey Ben,

    This is a sweet idea! I think you should try making a whole hydroponics aqua scape that can be used to breed the shrimp and also grow plants! I think this would allow for a whole cycle of life as well as a really cool project.

  • Brayden Shelley
    March 7, 2021 3:18 am

    These are both cool ideas! The aqua scaping idea could turn out really cool and it seems like it would be fun to design a nice little home for the fish/shrimp. I would just be sure to check materials since some of the chemicals in them could impact the fish. Things like glue or paint would probably not be very healthy for them…

  • Hey Ben,

    I’m in the same boat as you, I don’t really know what to do. I really like the aqua scaping idea though and I think you could do some interesting things. Have you considered making a small scale model (of ruins, abandoned buildings, etc.) and having your aquatic plants grow around them? I think it could be really cool and give off an interesting “nature reclaim” aesthetic. As far as a table or chair goes, I would go for something unique (either visually or functionally). definitely consider the design movements we’ve covered in class.


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