Main Project Aesthetic and Plans/Alternatives – Ammo Crate Center Console

For my final project I decided to move forward with my ammo crate center console idea. For my project I will be combining a sort of militaristic aesthetic for the outside of the console and have not yet decided if I want to paint it. The added components on the outside of the console will most likely be made of durable metals to provide this aesthetic and provide longevity. My plan for the console itself is to have an arm across the top that allows me to open both sides and cupholders in the front of both. Here’s a rough sketch of what I am currently thinking of.

My plan is to incorporate compartments into the console on the inside for organization purposes. I plan to affix the ammo cans individually in the same holes as the previous center console. I haven’t made too many decisions regarding exact dimensions and materials since a lot of that will depend on the materials/resources/equipment that I have access to for manufacturing and assembling but I do know that I will be using a drill and probably many nuts and bolts. I also need to figure out how to put a hinge on the end of both ammo cans and a lock on both.

I wasn’t really sure what other aesthetics could be incorporated or replace the current aesthetics since the aesthetics is mostly being determined by the material options. One alternative I could do is just drop the militaristic aesthetic and make the entire console black and coated in a faux leather while maintaining its water tight performance. This would provide me with some unique opportunities to work with leather and a wider variety of color options. Most likely, whatever decision I make will be heavily influenced by how it looks and how much time I have to work on it. So, for example, I dislike the way that it looks without painting it and once its assembled I will probably go back and paint it or add to it.

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  • Callum Schulz
    March 21, 2021 9:00 pm

    Hey Josh,

    This looks like a really cool project and I’m a big fan of the militaristic aesthetic so I don’t think you should change it. Do you know where you’re going to get all the fixtures you plan to add? Similar to your example photo, I think dark materials would contrast really well with the green of the cases and add to the aesthetic.

    • Thanks for the comment Callum, I think I am gonna try to buy everything off of amazon for my project and maybe some of the hardware at McGuckin’s.

  • Zack Lindsey
    March 21, 2021 7:12 pm

    This sounds like a really cool project; I think in many cases the center consoles in vehicles don’t have enough storage or usability. I like your idea of using ammunition cans because they are extremely durable and easy to find. I was a little concerned about how much space you have in your vehicle for such a large design. Would you consider using only 1 ammunition container if you don’t have enough space? Also, have you considered using regular door hinges at the back of the containers to let the tops open? Overall this will be an interesting project and I am excited to see what you do with it.

    • I checked the distances and am pretty convinced that two of the crates are going to fit but if for some reason only one of . If only one of them does then yeah I will probably only use the one. I am planning to use hinges probably door hinges.


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