Main Project Aesthetic and Plans/Alternatives- The Light Board

I have decided to go with the Light board for my final project. I believe it can come under Lighting aesthetic and also under Futuristic aesthetic. I say Futuristic aesthetic as the writing board has been the source of presenting work to a class for many years and the Light board seems like a futuristic writing board. I am not sure if it is being used in schools or not but it looks like a good replacement. It can also be a replacement for a white board that uses different colored markers.

I already have a drafting table with a glass Top. For the Light board I will need a Plexiglass (Acrylic sheet) to replace my regular glass top. To mount the plexiglass top to the table frame I will have to order the sheet pre-machined (Length and Width with either tapped holes in the corners or just regular holes. With tapped holes the product will look cleaner as I won’t need to fasten it using a nut on the table-top.

Since it is a drafting table It has a ratchet mechanism to hold the top in an angled and vertical position. Hence the product will have a dynamic component. It can serve both purpose of a Light Board and a Table. Of course the Acrylic is more prone to scratches as compare to glass so using it as a table top might hurt the Light board aspect, but I can use a protective sheet curtain like a vinyl sheet curtain to protect the top from scratches. I haven’t finalized this part yet.

I don’t believe the product can be made under an alternative aesthetic as it is more of a working product that will satisfy a need rather than an artefact.

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  • Hi Ankit, I read your first post and I was kind of hoping that you’d choose to make a sketching robot but the light board seems like a very interesting project as well! It sucks that acrylic is so easy to scratch because it is one of the clearest plastic you can find and it fits your project perfectly. Have you consider using scratch resistant acrylic sheets instead of regular acrylic sheets?

  • Hi Ankit,

    This is such a cool idea! I really like the idea of the futuristic light board, I think that using it might help you hatch some neat ideas when it comes to brainstorming or problem solving. Definitely interesting how just the canvas for the writing could influence our ideas so much. I think it’s great that you also already have a table to start with, I think that’ll be super helpful so that you can really focus on the lighting and the aesthetic that your piece will create. Do you plan to modify the current frame at all?


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