Top 5 Specifications and Constraints: Thanos’ Gauntlet

For this post I figured it would be most beneficial for me to make a list with descriptions for both of my top 5 specifications and constraints. Materials for my artifact are still in transit, but should arrive by today or tomorrow (04/07/2021 – 04/08/2021). Both of these lists come from the feedback session during the Design Preview phase.

Top 5 Specifications:

  1. Mobility: The primary dynamic aspect of my artifact is mobility of the Gauntlet I will be creating. For this to be achieved I decided on making the artifact in separate sections.
  2. Lighting: The secondary dynamic aspect of my artifact is the lighting of the jewels I purchased for the artifact. The lights I have purchased are individual and are constrained to the interior of the assembled Gauntlet.
  3. Fitment: Since this artifact is going to be placed on my hand it is important to ensure that the finished Gauntlet actually fits onto my hand.
  4. Aesthetic Accuracy: While this course is called Aesthetics of Design it is important for me to note the aesthetic I am aiming for. From this, the accuracy of the stencils I will be creating is important for the “engraving” of the purchased crafting foam.
  5. Assembly: In order for fitment to be achieved the assembly of each individual section needs to be taken into consideration. For assembly of each section I am thinking of using elastic cloth of varying width for each section.

Top 5 Constraints:

  1. Time: I am anticipating that the stencil creation and “engraving” will take some time in order for the aesthetic to be reminiscent of the Gauntlet in the movies themselves.
  2. Mobility: I still have not received the purchased crafting foam, but I am still wary of how elastic it is. Due to this, mobility of the assembled Gauntlet may be constrained.
  3. Lighting: The purchased LEDs are individual balls, and for this to be properly integrated into the Gauntlet I am thinking of making interior layers of foam that the lights will sit in. 
  4. Painting: Once the “engraving” and assembly process has concluded, it will then be time to paint the finished Gauntlet. From my research, the gold metallic paint I have purchased is of the right shade but I am uncertain of how it will stay on the crafting foam.
  5. Stencil Creation Talent: My general artistic talent is quite basic in my opinion which will certainly affect the accuracy of the stencils I will be creating. Once this stencils have been created and cut out it is important for me to note how to properly “engrave” the crafting foam.


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  • Hunter, this is a really cool project. I’m a little curious how you plan on lighting the jewels in the gauntlet. I haven’t read your previous posts, but I assume it’s going to be led lights, if so, are you planning on including a battery in your design/how large of a battery were you thinking?

  • Hi Hunter,

    I agree with Branden that this project is so cool and I’m really excited to see the final project. One spec that is somewhat vague right now is size – how do you plan on creating a model that conforms to your hand? Have you taken measurements of your hand already? Either way, this will look so cool, great job!

  • Branden Tangney
    April 7, 2021 11:20 am

    Hi Hunter!

    I love this project! I had a few questions for you to think about as I believe they will help ensure you can meet your specifications and constraints. For the actual artifact what is a way you can ensure it will properly fit onto your hand and how will the lights or other fixtures impact this fitment? Also, due to time and other classes have you narrowed down exactly how detailed you want to make this final artifact? These questions are just for thought and I am very excited to see how this final artifact turns out! Cool project!


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