Modern Designer: Tim Cook

Timothy Donald Cook aka Tim Cook is a creative genius whom I follow and admire. He may not be a conventional designer of products but as a visionary in technology and an operation and manufacturing problem solver, a “Designer” tag on him can be justified.

As per the biography of Tim cook: The genius who took  Apple to the next level by Leander Kanhey, Tim has used his industrial Engineering and MBA knowledge to design operation and assembly line strategies that have taken Apple to the technology giant status where it is currently. After graduating from Auburn University with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Tim joined IBM which was a technology giant at that time and a pioneer in computer hardware. He worked at IBM from 1982 to 1984 and climbed the ladder of success through the corporate structure in the company in that short period of time and became the director of North American Fulfillment. After IBM Tim worked for COMPAQ and Intelligent Electronics at high ranking positions. Tim met Steve Jobs in 1998 and was offered a job at Apple which was nearing bankruptcy at the time. Even after raised eyebrows and concerns from influential people suggesting Tim to not accept the position, Time went with his gut feeling and joined the company anyway. Starting with his tenure, Apple started growing as a tech giant we know it to be today.

Changes in operation introduced at Apple by Tim Cook: As a senior V.P for World Wide operations, Tim successfully implemented Just in Time (JIT) inventory handling strategy inspired by Toyota to minimize inventory cost time and supplier response time. This lead to ease of flow time within the production system. He was promoted to Head of Operations in 2007 and acted as interim CEO in absence of Steve jobs. It was his genius in investing in Flash memory technology that lead to the success of products like iPod, Ipad and iPhone. Tim had big shoes to fill in when he replaced Steve Jobs as the CEO of Apple in 2011. It was under Tim’s leadership when Apple launched the revolutionary wearable device, the Apple Watch. Apple Pay and the reliable Apple news are some of the other successful launches in his tenure. iPhone is one of the first mobile phones that has introduced better accessibility for blind users.

Tim Cook has shown excellent work and social ethics. His investments in renewable technology and efforts in making the company more sustainable by obtaining raw materials more ethically shows his commitment towards reducing the company’s environmental impact and betterment of work culture.

Tim also became an inspiration to the LGBTQ community when he came open to the world about his sexual orientation in 2014 and his passion for the rights of the community is commendable. According to his biography, Tim had witnessed Ku Klux Klan discriminatory activity in his neighbourhood and considers himself as a human rights activist after that life-changing event.

Tim Cook is an inspiration to many including myself and his design thinking in problem-solving is something I aspire to incorporate in my work and social life.

Reference: Tim cook:

  • The genius who took  Apple to the next level by Leander Kanhey


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