Paper Cut Light Box Plans and Alternatives

Inspired by rocket launches, I am looking to create a design that shows a space aesthetic using a paper-cut light box. It will have shapes that are both organic and geometric. In terms of style, the rocket and tower will be simplified but will still reflect the shapes and designs that are seen in actual rocket launch pads. The rocket will be most reminiscent of the ULA Delta IV rocket or event the SpaceX Falcon Heavy with one central engine and two to the side.

The most stylized portion of the piece will be the exhaust clouds and the steam from the water suppression tower. They will billow out from the sides and frame the rocket in the center. In a real rocket launch, these clouds wouldn’t be quite as prevalent, but in this case it will add to the layering that the paper-cut light box needs to add depth of image. They will also have lots of whiplash curves that will add a sense of dynamic action to the image.

As for lighting, since everything is back-lit, I plan to have a set of LED lights to illuminate everything. They must be able to change colors for the design as well, preferably between orange and red for the added affect of the launch. The sketch plan for the design can be seen here:

However, if I were to have an alternative aesthetic to the design, something completely different from what I have now, I could push the stylization to the point where instead of reflecting the reality of rocket designs and the launch, it becomes very abstract. Instead of a realistic rocket, it would be a cartoony one that one might find in old sci-fi art and TinTin comics. The clouds from the exhaust would also disappear and give way to sweeping symmetrical lines that are less representative of anything real so much as showing action lines that imply motion.





Image 1

Image 2

Sketches by me

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