My personal Aesthetic

My personal Aesthetic as I’m sure most people’s is, is not very well defined.  However through many of my previous designs just in the products that I purchase, there are some commonalities.  The first and arguably biggest part of my personal aesthetic is my attraction to glossy smooth textures, curves and wood.  And this aesthetic is very similar to the Mid Century Modern Accent table that is shown above.  Growing up there were a few things that lead me to this aesthetic.  The first was the glossy wood tables at my Grandmother’s house.  I fondly remember they always being there and I really admired the stained wood and the smooth finish of the surface.  The other was the minimalistic aspects of my dad’s artwork

This aesthetic growing up really lead me to prefer a more minimalist clean aesthetic and to really explore more geometric patterns.   Overall, this is the most fluid part of my personal aesthetic.  In terms of materials and textures, my aesthetic is very consistent, while in terms of designs and patterns, I really like to play with curves and geometry to achieve a balance between minimalism and maximism.

“Sopwith Camel”, by Donald Chamot


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  • Bryce Gallo
    May 2, 2021 9:38 pm

    Hi Stephen, I also had these wood tables in my house growing up. My parents went a little overboard and 90% of our furniture was oak/glossy oak wood. I actually still enjoy it as an aesthetic, and I was wondering if you preferred just having a table out of wood, or having a whole room with the aesthetic. Personally, I would enjoy just having the table you posted.

  • Thomas Boyd
    May 2, 2021 4:04 pm

    Stephen, I also fondly remember glossy wood tables in my grandparents house when I was young, and I still have that correlation in my head from childhood. While this style never became a part of my personal aesthetic, I can totally totally see how it could have! I really enjoy that a lot of your personal aesthetic tastes come from your parents and grandparents, as it feels that much more personal!


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