While looking for inspiration for this project, I started by thinking about sources of waste that I commonly come across. I’ve always been drawn to repurposing old gear, especially ski and bike gear. When I thought about the old gear I’ve collected, I realized that bike tubes are a pretty common source of waste. All of this thinking about all the old gear I have made me think about the one piece of gear that I don’t own- a camping chair. This inspired me to make a camping chair out of old bike tubes. 

I think this chair will have a somewhat retro- rustic camp chair aesthetic. I’m planning on weaving the bike tubes together to make the seat. As for the folding mechanism, I’m thinking about having one simple rotating point like a camping stool. Another option is to build the chair in two sections that fit together like the chair below. I’m also planning on weaving the tubes around wooden frames. I think the use of wood will give my chair a rustic aesthetic, since modern chairs usually use metal tubing.  The biggest requirement I have for this chair is that it must be easily storable and compact. Because of this I want to primarily use straight lines and squares. I think this will lead to a simple aesthetic.

A retro woven lawn chair
Woven tube chair
Simple Camping Stools


I’m really excited to see where this project goes. I have a strong vision for how I want my woven seat to look, but other than that nothing is too set in stone. I’m hoping to have something unique to pull out during camping trips this summer.  






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  • Thanks! Thats actually where I got the idea. I also race, and have ran out of chainstays that need to be protected.

  • This is an awesome idea! I used to race mountain bikes in high school and I remember how often me or one of my teammates would pop a tire and replace the tube. We used to cut the tubes and us them to cover parts of the frame from grease and grime. I think making a chair out of them is a really cool idea and I’m excited to see where your project takes you.


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