Upcycle Progress Report

My upcycling project is going pretty well right now. So far I have collected a bunch of recycled cardboard from the engineering center of various sizes. The card board is not very sturdy so I bought a cheap baseboard from a local Walgreens that I can use to place my model on top of. The engineering center is not a very easy building to construct without some sort of reference so I created a 3D model in CAD to help me with dimensioning. The model is not a hundred percent accurate but it looks pretty good in my opinion. I started to sketch an outline of all the buildings on top of the baseboard that will help me when I have to glue all of the pieces into place. My next steps are to finish the outlines and start cutting out cardboard walls. I’m gonna go slowly by starting with the shortest buildings first that are around the same height. I will add the roofing and adjust others to size after I have made the first layer and painted it to look nice.

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  • Alexandr Vassilyev
    February 19, 2023 6:48 pm

    Hi Jose,
    I enjoyed reading about your project update, it looks great! The model you created of the engineering center is quite detailed and I’m excited to see it recreated with cardboard. I think it’s a good idea doing the project in layers as you proposed, it’ll be easier to spot any errors.

    • Thank you Alex! I am almost done modeling the EC! It is taking a lot longer than I thought so I decided to cut down some original plans for the project. It still looks cool though, I’m excited to show it off.

  • That looks pretty awesome! Creating a scaled down model of the exterior of the engineering center seems like quite the intellectually scintillating exercise. Did you just eyeball the dimensions or did you find any information about the sizing of it? Also do you plan on painting it or just leaving it cardboard? Either way it looks cool and I’m excited to see the final product.

    • Thank you Cody! I just eyeballed the dimensions until it looked reasonable. Right now I am a little pressed for time with so much other school work so I might decide to leave it unpainted.

  • Model looks good to me! Have you thought about laser cutting the cardboard? Not sure if it would work or not but could be one way to do it. I’ll be interested to see the final product!

    • Hi Roger, I definitely thought about laser cutting all of the pieces but as far as I’m concerned there is no easy way to scale all of the pieces together. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you can only adjust the size of the entire photo and not the individual components within it. In order to save myself the trouble I’ve just been cutting all of the pieces out with an X-acto knife.


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