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Last week I said that I would make a xatu out of recycled cans and so far I have made some progress on my design. On top of that, I believe I have all the materials that I need to complete the project. I have well over enough cans of different colors to meet my design ideas, and I have metal shears so that I can cut the cans I also have a hand saw that is designed for cutting metal. I plan on using this to shear the top of one of my black cans so that I can stack another one on top of it, and use that as the skeleton of my bird. I also plan on making the wind double sided. Normally Xatu has a very, very thin pair of wings. This would suggest that I use just one layer of the can, but that would leave one side uncolored which I’d rather not do. I simply plan on mirroring the look which works in my mind. The only thing left before I assemble it is to find something to use as a circular head.

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  • You must have been quite the thirsty lad to have gone through all of those drinks. I’m excited to see what your end product looks like. How will you handle smaller, fine details? Do you plan on painting certain areas?

  • This looks pretty cool already, I’m interested to see what the final product will look like Heider. I’m excited to see what the color scheme will be and what it’ll look like with all the cans as well as sizing of the final product. Are you going to roll out the cans and flatten them when you cut them? And maybe you can use a trash can lid or something of the sort to get that large circular head?

  • It looks like you have gathered quite a few cans Heider. I think the double-sided wing will definitely make Xatu look more interesting. I am excited to see the beginning of construction.


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