Post 3: Upcycle Progress Report

My upcycle project is going mostly according to plan, I’ve successfully done all of the major work by hand. I’ve decided to sacrifice the porcupine model as my testing / prototype so that I can more successfully execute my vision for the hedgehog. Already this method has proved beneficial, making changes for the second piece based on the shortcomings I’ve noticed in the first. I’m trying to keep everything as natural as possible, even going as far as to use fire and ash for any colorations on the piece (which is a technique that requires a lot of trial and error). The only place where this is not true is any drilling that I have done, which I used a handheld power drill for, lest I spend all of my project time operating an antique hand turn drill. Overall, I’m happy with the direction I am going and excited to finish both pieces.

Using hand tools, to really hit the bohemian craft aesthetic home

Probably going to get a neighborly complaint about the amount of shavings from whittling on the patio

(Left) “prototype porcupine” ; (Right) Hedgehog

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  • Chin-Hsuan(Andrea) Wang
    February 19, 2023 8:39 pm

    I love the idea of hand-cutting wood! My project is also about wood-making, but I tried some electronic saws instead of using hand saws. And I love the way you do it manually and gives the product primitive simplicity aesthetic style look! Looking forward to see your work next week!


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