Upcycle Project Progression: After Hours

For my upcycling project, I chose to design a replica of a familiar place on a snowy night to depict the After Hours aesthetic. The place I chose to design is a bus stop in Boulder that I have been to on many late snowy nights. I have also started gathering the materials that I plan to incorporate into the design. I will be using cardboard, glue, LEDs, and possibly some coloring or paint. I am still brainstorming how I will be modeling some parts of the bus stop, such as the light pole, but I think I will be able to figure that out once I start prototyping. I am also still considering if I would like to include some drawing/coloring to highlight the specific details and/or greenery. There is also an off-chance that I will change my mind midway through building this design and switch to creating a model of a Gothic house, but that’s just a maybe now.


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  • Alexandr Vassilyev
    February 19, 2023 6:44 pm

    Hey Ali,
    The location you chose to model looks like perfect source material for your aesthetic. It’s great how you were able to select a location that has personal meaning to you for your upcycle project. I see that you mentioned you’re still considering if you want to add paint, one suggestion I have is to potentially print out certain textures to scale such as the bus route map and paste it onto your physical model. This would give it some interesting detail.

    • Hi Alexander,
      Thanks for your feedback and suggestions! I decided to change my aesthetic and artifact for this project at the last minute. I will update this post with the project and aesthetic I eventually decided on as soon as I can.

  • Hi Ali, I’m really intrigued by what you are working on for this project because of the way certain places hold sentimental value to us. As an Architect major I love small-scale models, it is even what I am working on for my own project. Due to the sentimental value of this place, I think it will be really awesome to see the little details and quirks of this space and really would encourage you to share those details that you notice!

    • Hi Matt,
      I appreciate your feedback. I also really admire architecture and architectural models. However, I decided to go for another project idea for several reasons. I will update this post with my most recent work soon.


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