Upcycling Progress Report – Bottle Cap Buffalo

For my project I decided to make a 2 dimensional buffalo out of old beer bottle caps. I have started gathering the caps and have realized that I will need roughly 150-200 caps in order to finish this project. In order to full fill this amount I’ve started reaching out to breweries such as Left Hand brewing to see if I can buy the tops individually. If this doesn’t work my next thought would be to go to a bar and ask them if I can have they caps rather than them throwing them away.

I have also begun the process of how I will form the shape of the buffalo. I cut out the silhouette from cardboard that I used a projector to trace on then I will begin hot gluing the caps onto it. In addition to this the hot glue should be covered from sight because the caps will be overlapping each other which will also in turn cover the cardboard up.

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  • Hannah Matthews
    February 19, 2023 11:21 pm

    I love this project. I am super excited to see the end product! This is very creative and would make an awesome wall decor. I wonder if everyone in the class collected 5 bottle caps each, if you would be able to make the project?


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