Assignment: Explore an aesthetic. We will go over the definition and examples in class, but keep this assignment in mind. For your first blog post, identify an aesthetic, include at least 6 images and/or videos illustrating it, and discuss the context a bit. When was it created? Who were the big players? What influenced it? What has it influenced since then? Be sure to find the original authors of your images and videos, and provide citations for all your information sources. This blog post will be due at midnight Feb 1. Be sure to categorize your post as ‘Student Work>2023>Post 1

Aesthetic: Colorful Maximalism

Who created it?: British architects

When was it created?: 17th century Europe

What Influenced it?: psychology and consumerism

What has influenced it since then: playful design, mass consumerism, dopamine design,

Maximalism is a design style that embraces multiple patterns, textures, colors, and an excess of decoration. Many  generations of both designers  and  consumers have embraced minimalist design practices, purifying the aesthetic of color and disorder. The 1970s brought about design principles that challenged the widely accepted minimalism, introducing eclectic work rooted in inclusivity. Although, this can lead to appropriation of culture without regard for its significance. Maximalism requires intentionality in the process of curation.

Image Sources:

A Brief Compendium of Historical Maximalism










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