Upcycle Progress Report- camping chair

Last week I had decided to make a camping chair out of bike tubes, but I hadn’t decided on a design. After pondering multiple designs, I decided to make the chair out of two pieces that will fit together instead of making a folding mechanism. I also measured a few chairs in order to come up with the basic dimensions of my chair. Using these measurements I made a CAD model so I could see how the pieces will fit together. From this model, I found that I will need 99” of 1”x2” boards for the frame of the chair as well as 60” of a ¾” wood dowel. I’m sure things will change as I start to actually build this thing, but for now I think I have a good plan, and I’m excited to start putting it together in the next few days.  


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  • This is a great idea and is very creative. The use of the bike parts will make it will look awesome and I’m very curious to see how you attach them to each other. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  • I really love this idea and its usability and function even beyond the class. The modeling in CAD is a great step and will definitely help once you begin manufacturing, and it’s smart that you pulled dimensions from existing products to ease the burden of design. Do you have plans for the upholstery/fabric you’ll use? Do you know where you’ll source your lumber? I’m excited to see how this turns out!


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