Personal Aesthetic & Main Project Plan

I never really had to think what my personal aesthetic is before this post. I believe my aesthetic would fall into cozycore and simplistic. I always like to dress well but make sure I’m comfortable to go through the whole day in what I’m wearing. I am also very simplistic in my personality and i figure that transferred into what i wear. I tend to wear basic clothing that do not have major designs on the front or back. If i wear something with a design its usually some simple lettering on the back. I believe my personality is what influenced my aesthetic heavily compared to other things. I do not like to stand out from others and draw attention to myself and my clothing is an extension of that. With simple designs and clothing pieces i do not draw attention to myself in any form. I also fall into the cozycore aesthetic because growing up i was never forced to wear clothes that i felt stiff in but i was told constantly that i should be presentable.

For my main project my aesthetic will transfer over a bit as i plan to build an infinity box that has a simplistic aesthetic to itself already and i plan on creating a terrarium inside of it and with it inside the box it will give off a cozy feeling/aesthetic to it as well. I was inspired by ideal idea’s youtube video where he builds this and i thought it was really cool. In his video he built an icosahedron which is a 20 sided shape and built a latch to be able to go open into the terrarium and water it occasionally. You can see his product down below.

For my project i do plan on replicating some of the things he did in his youtube video but i do plan on changing the size and shape and adding a mechanical component to it. For the mechanical component I am still unsure what i want to do for the mechanical component. As of know I am thinking of making a lid that will open after a timer reaches zero to let me know it needs to be watered and with a push of a button it will close. I am still unsure of this idea so if anybody has a better idea/ recommendation please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.



Ideal Idea. (2022, August 27). I built an infinite terrarium. YouTube. Retrieved March 6, 2023, from

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  • This project will defiantly turn out to be a great conversation starter and also looks really fun to build. Do you plan on adding bugs to the terrarium? I like the idea of the door timer to notify watering, you could also have the timer hook up a small pump that waters it for you. However, I think the addition of a door is still good idea to allow for future modifications.

  • Sounds like you like to wear clothes that are functional and also make you feel comfortable. I’m the same way! Also I love the idea for your terrarium, it will definitely add to your comfy vibe wherever you choose to display your project. Have you made something like this before? What materials is the enclosure made out of?


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