Personal Aesthetic & Main Project Plan

I wouldn’t say I necessarily have a personal aesthetic. It enjoys a lot of different and opposite aesthetics and implement many of them into what I do/make. One of my favorite aesthetics to implement into things I make is a more understated/sleeper aesthetic that focuses on functionality over all else. I would say this kind of aesthetic(s) speaks to me because I’m a more reserved and introverted person who doesn’t like to really bring attention to himself or stand out.

I also like to implement engineering stuff I’ve learned in the past few years into things I make, even if it’s not necessary. I enjoy seeing parts that were obviously made by an engineer who put their engineering knowledge into designing the parts compared to more simple designs and parts that most people could make.

I want to use these aesthetics for my final project. I plan on making a cantilever suspension setup for one of my dad and I’s SN-95 mustangs in CAD and hopefully in real life if I can procure the parts and materials. The rear suspension will be replaced with the cantilever setup and placed in the trunk (seen below). Unlike the first picture showcasing a cantilever suspension setup, my setup will not be as beautiful and perfect. It will be a more simple and understated design (I couldn’t make something like that even if I tried right now anyway). I also plan on having the suspension run across the width of the truck with a crossbar connecting the two sides of the car which functions as a structural member to help stiffen the chassis as well. I wanna add some of my engineering experience to the design by optimizing the design of the bell cranks and crossbar by removing unnecessary material from them while keeping them strong enough to handle the loads they’ll experience. I want the suspension to be hidden away in the car’s trunk (the car will most likely be a crappy looking car too) and only seen from the inside or if the trunk is open. This would accomplish the sleeper aesthetic I enjoy in cars. This is the general idea I have now but I’m not sure of everything yet.

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  • Austin Beltz
    April 21, 2023 4:34 pm

    Thank you! Sleepers are probably my favorite type of car. I think trying to tap into the sleeper look specifically for this suspension could be cool.

  • Elvin Chateauvert
    March 15, 2023 12:33 pm

    I love the aesthetic of sleeper cars, this seems like a great project; do you plan on making it adjustable in any way? Can’t wait to see how this turns out

    • Austin Beltz
      April 21, 2023 4:30 pm

      Thank you! The bell cranks will have different mounting points for the coilovers and pushrods to change effective spring rates. The pushrods will also have left and right hand threaded rod ends which will allow ride height adjustment. I also want to be able to remove the crossbar relatively easily so it can be put into a different Mustang if need be.

  • Reed Beidleman
    March 12, 2023 7:58 pm

    Hi Austin!

    This is an ambitious project but it sounds really, really cool. I would absolutely love to have a project of this caliber to be working on right now! I like the idea for this project because you will be able to spend time on the design and not necessarily have to make it this spring. I think sleepers are super sick and I’m excited to see what kinds of designs you come up with for this project.


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