5 Specifications and 5 Constraints


  1. CAD
    In order to do this project I will have to make each one of the pieces individually in CAD then export them as a file type that is accepted by the laser cutters in the ITLL. I’m estimating around 12 to 16 different pieces will be made in order to accurately depict the model that I’m trying to achieve.
  2. Laser Cutting
    I will need to be able to take the laser cutting workshop before the project is due in order to cut out the MDF. I also need to get the dimensions of the laser cutting bed that way I will be able to get the correctly sized material and files in order to be able to continue.
  3. MDF
    I have looked online on websites such as Home Depot for different types of MDF that I would like to consider using based on size as well as unfinished appearance. I could have detrimental problems if the supplier of this material isn’t able to cut it to size on site because the smallest sheets that I saw were 8 feet by 12 feet.
  4. Proportions
    This is a big one because I will have to be very methodical with the process in which I make the CAD pieces because if one of them doesn’t have the right proportions or looks weird in the assembly it could possibly effect all the other pieces then I would have to go back and change them all.
  5. Time
    This is the biggest constraint for this due to the amount of CAD as well as the amount of manufacturing and assembly that will go into the actual piece. There isn’t that much time left in the semester so it is imperative that the design process begins soon.


  1. Size
    One of my personal specifications is that I would like this object to be similar in size to an actual deer. This is impossible due to the size of the laser cutters but I will be able to reach a threshold that I will be satisfied with.
  2. Mounting
    I would like to be able to mount this on the wall using some apparatus on the backside of the base plate. This is harder than it seems because it will be made out of MDF and I don’t want to have any through holes that can be seen when looking at it.
  3. Lighting
    There needs to be space between the backside of the base plate and the wall in order for me to attach LED’s in order to give the piece an illuminating effect for the audience that is viewing it.
  4. Proportions and tolerances
    The proportions of each one of the pieces should fit in the assembly in a manner that is similar to the look of an actual deer. The tolerances of each one of the pieces should preferably slide together and form a tight fit. Avoid any large gaps between pieces that would have to be filled with super glue.
  5. Color
    I am aiming for a nature core aesthetic so I will leave the MDF unfinished with the burn marks that are representative of a wildfire.
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