[1] Mirror inspiration

In order to create the dynamic mirror I am hoping to create involved a lot of research in order to create a plan of attack for my project. To begin, I have been looking into how to create a mirror. I was considering three different methods,

1) upcycling mirrors 

2) using 3 glass picture frames and utilizing mirror spray

3) creating a mixture of silver nitrate, ammonia, and distilled water with rochelle salts dissolved in distilled water [2]

I think the best solution would be to use three glass picture frames and create a mixture to create a beautiful silver finish.

I will be using copper picture frames. I think this will be the cleanest way to get the finished look I want. I will replace the flimsy back cardboard with a more stable piece of wood. 

[4] Copper Picture from amazon 

I have been creating a list of materials I need to create my project. I have been researching different fasteners and ways to attach them to the mirror. I have created a plan to have a wood backing for the mirror for stability and strength. In total, I will be using 6 copper hinges. 

[3] Copper hinges from amazon

In addition, I have been researching different ways to fasten the mirror to the wall. Since only the middle picture will need to be fastened to the wall and strong enough to withstand the weight of the three mirrors, I will be buying fasteners that are able to hold a stronger load than the ones on the mirror currently. But, they will be the same type and style.

[4] Back of the copper picture frame 

Alot of this project will include deconstructing different items and recreating them to resemble a beautiful dynamic piece of art that replicated my style.

I am very excited to see the final project


[1] Rus, Mayer. “Inside Supermodel Kendall Jenner’s Tranquil Los Angeles Home.” Architectural Digest, 29 July 2020, https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/kendall-jenner-los-angeles-home.

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[3] Liyafy 1.5 Inch Butt Hinges for Cupboard Cabinet Home Furniture … https://www.amazon.com/Liyafy-Cupboard-Cabinet-Furniture-Hardware/dp/B07R4JLWY4. 

[4] Amazon.com – WYOOXOO 11×14 Picture Frame Display Pictures 8×10 with Mat … https://www.amazon.com/wyooxoo-Picture-Display-Pictures-PlexiGlass/dp/B0B656SZGL. 

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