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When it comes to my design, not much has changed since the last report. The biggest thing to note is that the actuation is no longer going to be automatic. I am currently having too many problems with the 3D prints to be able to effectively create a final design by the end of the semester. Instead, I have changed the design to manually open and close. This will give me the freedom to focus on creating successful prints without worrying about a base or the support stem, and most of all the code. To put it in the simplest way possible, I had to remove a lot of my design features due to the complexity of the printed petals. None of my 3D models have changed as of yet so there is no update there. To finish this project, I need to create a method to hold everything together, and I need to fix the petals so that they can more easily be printed. I’ve already talked about the petals, for how I’m going to hold everything together, I was thinking either a printed part with the correct geometries, or I was thinking rubber or string to tie it together. That is something that I will determine after I’ve successfully printed all of my parts.

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  • I am impressed by your CAD! You design looks like it will be very cool regardless if its automated or not. Im excited to see your end result!

  • Alexandr Vassilyev
    April 9, 2023 4:59 pm

    Hi Heider,
    I enjoyed reading your project update. I look forward to seeing how you will work through the issues you’ve been experiencing with your project’s design.

  • Hunter Maul
    April 9, 2023 4:07 pm

    Regardless of whether or not this is automatic the design still looks really good!. Are you planning on implementing a mechanism to open and close the petals or will you just open and close them by hand?


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