Progress Report – Projector Screen and Coded Visuals

My project is still on track to be completed by the 25th. However, my timeline has been rearranged. In my initial planning I had hoped to have my physical artifact completely finished by this Thursday. I was going to create my accompanying visuals after. Instead, I’ve gotten very far with the creation of my visuals.

The Aesthetic I’ve chosen for my project is minimalism. During my design preview presentation it was pointed out that I could consider changing my aesthetic to modernism since my design could conform to either. I’m still at a crossroads of deciding which one I’ll execute on. Perhaps it’ll be a combination of both.

Regardless, I feel my visuals could conform to either. However, they certainly have a futuristic aspect. So maybe my visuals will be ‘minimalism in the future’. I’ve been coding my visuals with JavaScript, using the p5js library that is catered towards creative coding. All my creations thus far are animated and fairly simplistic. They’re mainly geometric shapes. Below you’ll find images of all my visuals so far along with a video that shows my source code and animation for one of them.

I think it’s important to note that my final visual output will be a mash up of these coded visuals, static overlays, and real footage shot by me. 

While most of the last week consisted of this work, I also made progress in the fabrication department. I decided that I wanted to do some prototyping before building my product. The point of doing this was to better understand the storage system I was creating with velcro. The screen is being designed to roll up so the whole piece isn’t always hanging down. 

Screen Prototype

Velcro on Beams

All in all I feel confident about my progress thus far and the remaining steps on the timeline. The end of the year is always a mad dash to the finish line. I plan to get down to business with fabrication in the remaining days of this week.

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  • Grant Barnes
    May 1, 2023 2:17 am

    I’m a big fan of your visuals and I bet they will look great in person when you are done. It seems like you have a handle on what you need to get done and your timetable. Good luck!


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