Matthew Holleb : Modern Rope Light Floor Lamp Progress

As my design for a rope light was finalized, all I am waiting on at this point to progress further is the delivery of the final material/part. As you could see through my images below, I first started to modify the metal base plate. This piece was 10″ wide and had a 1/4″ diameter hole in the center. I knew this hole would b too small for the pole that I would be using although I know that I could drill a larger hole through to allow for the correct size. After this, I proceeded to cut and bend a small cutout that would allow a wire to pass through from the inside. When I was searching for baseplates, unfortunately, I couldn’t find one with a large enough hole or wire way, so this was the next best option. Once these cutouts were made to the proper size, I went in with an abrasive pad to get rid of the sharp corners and then a sanding pad to dull down the edges. As you can see in the far-right image below, this is the polyester woven sleeve that will be wrapped around the diffused LED strip. Unfortunately, this is the last piece that I am waiting on to move forward with the manufacturing process. (The LED strip in the image is not the one that will be used). Once this cylindrical LED strip arrives, I will wrap and glue the sleeve to the light. This will create a “rope” like look. Once I have this done I can glue the end of the LED strip to the metal pole and thus can attach the metal pole to the base plate. The wires would run through the middle of the hollow pole, through the base plate, and out the wireway into an outlet. I also plan on the rope section being right around 6 ft. It will come out of the end of the pole and will be free-ended on the far end. Meaning that it can be interacted with, moved, changed, and adjusted just depending on how you want it to look. Seeing how everything is coming together so far is really exciting and I cannot wait to move forward even further.

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  • Super cool, I love the look of the light as it is now. There’s something surprising and cool about seeing a light being bent/curved. Are you planning on adding any rigidity to the structure, so users can bend the light into whatever they choose?

  • Brewster Beck von Peccoz
    April 24, 2023 12:06 am

    The aesthetic you are trying to achieve is very cool and I’m excited to see how your final product turns out! The polyester sleeve you have seems perfect for achieving that woven rope look, and the black metal base is an added touch of luxury.


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