Post 10: Project Progress


I have completed the 3D model for my design. It ended up looking quite different from what I had originally planned. As I was designing it, I headed toward a different aesthetic direction.



Final Design Model

The final design ende dup having a more industrial look to it than what I originally intended. Because I wanted the fountain to actually be functional, I decided to make it a solid one-piece design as water is going to be flowing through it, and that could go wrong with separately attached parts. I added slits in the back so I can install a water pump and LED light. The design is being 3D printed right now and should be ready for assembly tomorrow.


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  • Michael Dailey
    April 30, 2023 10:59 pm

    I think this looks very intriguing. I’m curious what color you’re printing it in and also how big it will be. I know you probably already mentioned it in a pervious post, but I’m wondering because printing large things takes a long time. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

  • Reed Beidleman
    April 30, 2023 9:06 pm

    This looks super cool! I like how the water eventually funnels down to the center of the design. I am curious to see if the 3D print is water tight. Are you printing this out of PLA? Excited to see how this turns out!


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