Final Report Part 2






I had a lot of trouble trying to get all of my prints out. The printers at the itll and idea forge are notorious for failing all of the time. The first print that I made for my gear plate came out with lots of imperfections on the gear teeth. The second print that I made came out really good but since I didn’t add fillets around the gear plate and the connecting shaft it broke immediately. After some time I was finally able to get a clean printout and connect all of the pieces together.


Future Plans

After putting the entire project together I felt like I could do more with it. I created a few sketches of what I am going to do in the near future. After looking at my end result I got the idea to change the product to look like a car differential. This should be pretty easy to do. I am going to redesign the base (which you can see on the left)  to have two sides, one to drive one of the bevel gears and the other to specifically hold it in place. I am going to print out another one of the base gears and it should hopefully fit on top perfectly. Not only will this design look better, but it will also free up more space between the gears so there isn’t a giant connecting shaft between them.


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  • Holly Young
    May 8, 2023 2:53 pm

    Hi Jose, sorry to hear you had trouble with the campus 3D printers. I have had trouble in the past printing gears in the past so I very much can understand your trouble with it! Good for you for budgeting enough time to do 3 iterations of prints to make up for the misprint and design change! Awesome project and good luck with your future iteration plans!


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