Progress since Design Preview

My final project plan has been a very ambitious project, but I really wanted to complete it the way I envisioned it. Since the design preview, I had been working on modelling the primary sculpture to get the desired effect of projecting 2 shadows from 2 viewing sides. I tried stacking cardboard, modelling clay and even using random objects around me to get the desired shape. But, with every new attempt, the model turned out too big, or very difficult to 3D model, or just turned out to be very difficult to apply an aesthetic to. This was not what I anticipated and felt that this particular project was a bit more than I could chew.

As for the progress, I am changing my design plan for my final project. I have currently drop the idea of making an anamorphic sculpture. But I still intend to keep the core theme and aesthetic of my project the same as I had discussed in my main project and inspiration post. the project idea is going to revolve around the play of light and shadows. I have decided to make an electronic sundial wall clock.

For this clock, I will be 3D printing the Burj Khalifa model I found online and use it as the central needle for my sundial. I will then enclose this model inside a black ring which will house the LED strips. These LED strips will be powered and programmed with an arduino which will be housed in the back of the model clock. I already have the arduino and the LED strips and am confident in my electronics and programming skills to attempt this project. The reasoning behind programming the LEDs is so that they are not all ON at the same time The LEDs will be placed in 24 spots around the circumference and they will be programmed to be dimmed and bright with respect to real time. This will create an effect of the sun casting a shadow over the Burj Khalifa model and show the time. I plan to have a black and white minimalist aesthetic to the whole model.



Featured Image: (

3D model of Burj Khalifa ( By Robert Briac)

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