In designing my project, I prioritized the aesthetic goal over the functional expectations. My primary objective was to create a design that looks tidy, simple, and cute, while also being dynamic. For the functional aspect, I wanted to use RGB LED lights for the colorful and ever-changing light effects. However, when I attempted to project the image onto the ceiling, I encountered brightness issues, resulting in a vague and blurry casting image. As a result, I decided to sacrifice the functionality of the piece and focus on the aesthetic instead.

The theme of “dynamic” was achieved through the use of LEDs and unglued pieces. I spent most of my time working on paper sketches to illustrate the design. The Kawaii aesthetic style fit perfectly with the project’s overall goal. However, the hatching technique used in the sketches posed some challenges in achieving the desired results. It was easier to start by doodling something on paper, but translating the shape into a material proved to be difficult due to thickness considerations. To avoid cutting through the outline(which might break the entire shapes), I separated a line into multiple parts, and the burn marks generated some unexpected effects on my work.

The initial sketches, CAD design, and final product are showcased below.

The Kawaii aesthetic I applied to the piece was a definite success in the end.

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