UpCycle Inspiration: Bright Board 2.0

My initial thought process for my project started with me looking around my room for something that I could re purpose into a cool design. I definitely wanted to focus on the design over the function for this project so that gave me the liberty to make just about anything. I am currently working on…
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Lighting Up Pearl: Final Report Part 1

Introduction: My project has been a long journey that began with my own passions and educational background as well as inspirations found online. This project was a major inspiration for me. Close-up of the design inspiration. My Environmental Design background has led me to become interested in spaces for people from buildings, to parks, to…
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Contemporary Industrial Coaster

As a personal fan of the contemporary industrial aesthetic I wanted to capture it within my upcycling project. I appreciate the simplicity of this aesthetic, but also how it doesn’t sacrifice strength or quality. I wanted something that would be useful in my life, but also add a subtle intricacy that was not immediately evident. I…
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